Choosing a Machine

There are 9 different generic machines to choose from. The default machine is the MSX2+, and the emulator will try to auto-detect your region. You can ask for a specific machine by setting the `MACHINE` parameter with the respective Machine ID:

Machine Machine ID Specific Machine Machine ID
MSX2+ Auto-detection `MSX2P` MSX2+ American (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX2PA`
    MSX2+ European (PAL 50Hz) `MSX2PE`
    MSX2+ Japanese (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX2PJ`
MSX2 Auto-detection `MSX2` MSX2 American (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX2A`
    MSX2 European (PAL 50Hz) `MSX2E`
    MSX2 Japanese (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX2J`
MSX1 Auto-detection `MSX1` MSX1 American (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX1A`
    MSX1 European (PAL 50Hz) `MSX1E`
    MSX1 Japanese (NTSC 60Hz) `MSX1J`