WebMSX Configuration and Launch Options

Several parameters are available for customizing the emulator. They can be changed either directly in Javascript if you are hosting the emulator in your own page, or via URL Query Parameters if you are creating links or bookmarks to open the emulator, or just using it in your browser.

All parameters are in the form of properties in the global object `WMSX`. Just set these object properties in Javascript, or use URL Query parameter/value pairs. For example:

WMSX.ROM = "files/Game.rom"; is the same as http://webmsx.org?ROM=files/Game.rom

IMPORTANT: Any parameter setting via Javascript must be done AFTER importing the `webmsx.js` file.

Another important concept is the use of configuration **Presets**. Some configurations are a bit complicated and may require setting various parameters in conjunction. For those cases, its easier to use a Preset that will automatically set all the relevant parameters for a specific task. You may specify any number of Presets to be used by setting the `PRESETS` parameter, with a comma separated list of the Preset names to apply. For example:

WMSX.PRESETS = "RAM128, NODISK"; or http://webmsx.org?PRESETS=RAM128,NODISK